080712 Cherie and Chris 300x225 Letter #32: Cherie and ChrisThe week my life changed—the week I realized I could trade in Corporate America blah for a wide open road—was the one week I spent at Burning Man. It was 2009, and I was in a stalemate at work. I’d been relegated to a dreary cubicle in the IT department—a place I surely didn’t belong. It was a touch of serendipity (something Cherie and Chris deeply believe in) that I ended up at Burning Man by myself surrounded by people who live unconventional lives. Two of these people were Cherie and Chris, who live a very unusual life (according to normal societal standards). The two of them travel around the country living out of a converted bus with their cat, Kiki. They drive without a plan, often unsure of where they’re going next, and they write about their experiences as they go. They are also successful business owners, proving you don’t need a crapping cube to make a living.

Cherie and Chris are considered to be experts when it comes to nomadic living, and they’re frequently asked about their lifestyle. To me, though, Cherie and Chris are friends. We crossed paths at Burning Man and have stayed in touch through social media. Last year they passed through town and we cat sat Kiki while they went to Burning Man. Recently, the two of them held a contest on their blog about serendipity, and I ended up with a bit of snail mail from them as a result. How do I respond to snail mail? With more snail mail, of course.

My letter to Cherie and Chris is in a cheeky thank you notecard. In my letter, I told them about what I’ve been up to with my job and all the things we’ve been doing this summer. Of course, I also asked about Kiki and asked about their recent adventures as well. Because they are nomadic, all of their mail is sent to South Dakota, and then it is forwarded to their present location. I’m not so sure that their lifestyle is conducive to snail mail (where would you keep all those letters?), but I enjoyed writing to them all the same. Our relationship will likely remain one based on social media and not stamps, and I’m okay with that.

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