I’ve been feeling the need to kick my creativity back into gear for awhile now, so the opportunity to participate in The Elevated Envelope was like a needed piece of therapy. I am incredibly thankful that it gave me the chance to step back and just have fun simply for the purpose of having fun! And though I’m not a visual artist by any stretch of imagination, I’ve been trying my hand at mail art and the freedom to let my right brain run wild was fantastic!

The challenge for The Elevated Envelope was to decorate envelopes for four people that have something to do with the word “sweet.” We also had to send along an enclosure that had something to do with the theme. So … without further ado, here is a peek at the envelopes I decorated for The Elevated Envelope:

072612 Elevated Envelope The Elevated Envelope: Mission Complete!

I knew I wanted to draw fruit. The first image that came to me was the grapes, so I drew that one first. I made it through the watermelon and apples next, and then my husband helped me decide to draw strawberries last. I’m really, really happy with how these turned out, and when I dropped them in the mailbox, I had the fleeting thought that maybe someone en route who handles these letters will appreciate them as well.

As for my enclosures, I spent a lot of time debating about what to buy. I either wanted to get four different things or exactly the same thing for everyone. Originally I was looking for scratch-and-sniff fruit stickers, but apparently they don’t make these anymore. In fact, I couldn’t find any scratch-and-sniff stickers. I ended up buying fruit-shaped stretch bands instead.

All of The Elevated Envelopes are supposed to be postmarked by July 31, so I should be getting some “sweet” mail myself in the next few weeks!

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