062112 Fun stamps 300x225 Fun Stamp Reload!After making a commitment to visit my local post office instead of taking the easy route and buying stamps at the post office counter in the local gas station, I headed to the post office. There’s always a long line at the post office, but I don’t mind waiting because it tends to move fairly fast if there are enough people working. Why? Because the people working for the U.S. Post Office know what they’re doing.

I had two packages and one strange-sized envelope to send, but I also wanted to buy fun stamps (you might recall the problems I had doing this at the gas station). When I told the employee working behind the counter that I wanted to buy fun stamps, she pulled out one sheet of every kind of forever stamp they had, and the choices were awesome! I ended up buying one sheet of the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC, one sheet of the new Mail a Smile stamps and one sheet of the 1862 Civil War stamps.

What I love is that they’re all forever stamps now. When my husband mentioned the same as I was making the purchase, the USPS employee agreed. She said she loves that the forever stamps aren’t all flags anymore and that customers have a bigger selection when it comes to buying stamps. I left smiling. Not only did the postal worker totally and completely solidify my decision about driving a bit further to support something I believe in, but I got home with a handful of fabulous stamps.

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