032614 Bring on Spring 300x300 Happiness in an EnvelopeIt only takes a small piece of snail mail to turn an entire day around. The last few weeks haven’t exactly been the easiest to deal with, so it was with a slightly cloudy mood that I checked my mail the other day and found a wonderful surprise.

My friend, Julie, is a very, very busy person. She has two young children, and somehow she and her husband juggle freelance careers in one of the most expensive cities in the United States while raising a vibrant and dynamic family. I happen to know that Julie is in the middle of a couple good-sized projects (thank you, guidebooks), but she still managed to find time to make and send me a piece of mail that really lit up my day.

The envelope was a standard business-sized envelope, but inside I found an index card-sized pocket filled with colorful confetti. On the outside it says ‘Bring on Spring.’ Julie didn’t send a letter or even sign the confetti-bursting pocket. She didn’t need to. Sometimes the most perfect pieces of snail mail are simple and small yet thoughtful and able to change the course of a day for the better, just like this one.