As I mentioned last week, I had a lot of fun exploring the mail culture of Iceland. I thought I’d share a couple of letter-centric photos I took while visiting the county.


070512 Grimsey Letter Writing Images from Iceland

We took the ferry up to Grimsey for the day. Grimsey is a tiny island about three hours north of the mainland (though still a part of Iceland), and it sits in the Arctic Circle. There is a small guesthouse and a few fishermen work from the island, so there is a small neighborhood of homes. Less than 100 people in total live here, but they need to get their mail, so the grocery store (a few aisles consisting of the basics) doubles as the post office. These are the mailboxes the mail is sorted in to.

070512 Mailbox Letter Writing Images from Iceland

Throughout most of Iceland, mail service is pretty standard, and these red mailboxes can be found in just about every small town. I took this photo in Reykjavik, but even in towns with only a couple hundred people, we were able to find places to drop our postcards.

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