073112 Kate 225x300 Letter #31: KateI recall meeting Kate in person only once. We may have crossed paths a few other times during our college days, but like Jen, I’ve only really gotten to know her through Facebook interactions in the last couple of years. Unlike Jen, however, Kate and I did not attend the same college. However, she was involved in some of the same social circles as my then-boyfriend, now-husband, so even though she lived hundreds of miles away, it is possible we did meet each other as casual acquaintances.

My one very solid memory of Kate is one of my favorite memories of all times. My husband and I traveled to Boise (where she lived) to spend the weekend with his friend Ryan. I can’t remember if Kate and Ryan were dating at the time (they’re married now), but we had an amazing weekend together. In fact, it was a weekend getaway that has always stuck with me. We ate pizza. We got up early and were part of a hot air balloon crew. We went to a street festival where we saw the Young Dubliners perform a free concert in an alley. Everything that weekend was just absolutely perfect.

So that is my first memory of Kate. And, I think, it’s really my only in-person memory of Kate.

We have gotten to know each other through social media, though, and it turns out Kate and I have a bit in common, namely a love for reading. Kate is a very thoughtful, intelligent person, and I enjoy reading the things she posts about and discusses. I like to surround myself with people who make me think, question and re-evaluate the things I think I know and believe. Because of people like Kate in my life, my knowledge base and general discourse has grown immensely in the past few years.

My letter to Kate touched on some of the plans my husband and I still have for the summer, but a good chunk of it had to do with reading and books. She’s trying to read 100 books this year, which is an awesomely ambitious goal, and I’m curious to hear how it’s going. I believe at one point in time, Kate wanted to right 52 letters in 52 weeks like I am. I’m not sure if she’s still pursuing that goal, but the fact that she expressed interest in it leads me to believe that she would enjoy getting some snail mail. Consider it done.

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