091112 Lily 300x225 Letter #37: LilyLily was really only a friend of a friend when I met her last month at a conference, but we hit it off right away. Even though we didn’t know much about each other beyond the fact that we’d both be attending this conference before we met in person, we found more than enough to talk about over the course of the three-day event.

Lily is a well-traveled photographer with a particular interest in Belize, a destination for which she just landed a guidebook deal. We have both worked in positions that have served us well but that encouraged us to personally seek out things we love to do for a living. We both find frustration in the generalization of places and want to communicate our passions with people who appreciate them. She is a thoughtful, creative person, and I could definitely see the two of us becoming better friends over time.

When Lily expressed interest in The 52 Letters Project, I knew that I had to write a letter to her. I didn’t exactly know what to write though, and because the two of us talked quite a bit about escaping the innovation slump, I decided to make a creative collage out of her letter. As I was sitting in the Chicago O’Hare Airport, I just started making sketches and notes in order to fill the blank space.

The card itself features a very simple scene—a triangle-shaped pine tree, a simple little fox and a single star in the sky. It looks like a collage that an elementary student could put together, which makes me smile. I picked this card up on my recent trip to Iceland, where I found a bunch of random blank cards on sale for cheap. This is the only one of this design that I picked up on the trip.

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