022812 Grammie 300x225 Letter #9: GrammieIf there’s one person in this world who will always respond to the letters I write, it will be my grandmother, who I call Grammie. Grammie has always faithfully written me letters in addition to sending birthday, anniversary, Christmas and other various holiday cards. When I first discovered my love of snail mail and began collecting writing friends, I wrote to Grammie and asked her to be my pen pal. Little did I realize that Grammie had been my pen pal long before I ever even knew what the concept meant.

My grandmother recently moved into an active senior community, and getting letters from her has been a blast because she loves to talk about all the new things she’s been doing and the new people she’s been meeting. Because my grandmother knows me well and keeps up in the latest news on my life through consistent letters and phone calls with my mom, my letters to her are often quick recaps of things going on, just filling in details about anything my mom may have mentioned in passing. In my most recent letter to her, I went into detail about my trip to Mardi Gras. I compared the Lake Charles Mardi Gras with the New Orleans Mardi Gras, explaining that the one I attended was much more family friendly than the one with which she’s probably most familiar. She is, after all, my grandmother.

I wrote to Grammie on a piece of my special monogramed stationery, which was printed by Austin Press. This stationery was a gift from my husband, and the set only has six cards. I use them only on rare occasions because I don’t have many of them, and they were handcrafted, so they are exceptionally special to me. The downside of these cards is that they don’t allow for a lot of room to write, so I usually have to print small to squeeze much on. I’m not too worried, though. I’m sure Grammie will write back in no time and I’ll be able to write even more within the next few weeks.

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