Were you following the story about Sean O’Connor, who posted on Reddit that his terminally ill uncle with Down syndrome enjoyed opening mail? I wrote about it in my monthly newsletter, but here’s the link to the story if you didn’t see it the first time around. Anyway, the latest to the story is this: Scott Widak, Sean’s uncle, has passed away, but not before he had a chance to thank the thousands of people who sent him mail in the last days of his life.

Sean wrote a note to Reddit readers letting them know that Scott had passed on, and the response, again, was overwhelming with well wishes to Sean’s family. Sean put together a gallery of photos of Scott as he received and opened all of his mail. I get a little choked up scrolling through these. I think it’s a good reminder of how kind people are despite what the evening news might tell us, and I especially love the fact that it was snail mail that helped put a smile on Scott’s face despite his deteriorating medical condition.

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