022614 Letter 223x300 Letter Writing BingeWhy, oh, why do I leave letter writing to the last minute? Why do I wait to write back to people until I have a stack of letters several dozen deep? I’m not a procrastinator, but when it comes to letter writing, I sure do a good job of not doing a dang thing until I almost feel stressed out about not writing letters.

Admittedly, January was busy. I traveled a lot … more than half the month. I had a lot of work that required I play a lot of catch up and chase sources to meet deadlines. And I fought a sinus infection on top of all of that. I know, woe is me.

But then it was February, and I had a stack of letters that had accumulated over the winter holidays. On a free Saturday afternoon, I gathered a stack of stationery, an envelope stuffed with stickers and a handful of stamps. I cleared the dining room table and started writing. I sent birthday cards and thank you notes. I wrote postcards and made valentines. I spent a long time writing a few letters and also sent off brief greetings to a few other people I haven’t written to in awhile.

It was a good day. I always enjoy spending a few hours writing letters because, even though I feel crappy for letting correspondence sit for so long, I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in writing letters. It’s something I enjoy doing, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment once I have everything signed, sealed and stacked, ready to be carried out to the mailbox.

Do you ever binge on letter writing? What does a letter writing day look like for you?