082112 Laura 225x300 Letter #34: LauraI’m not sure if it’s common for your parents’ cousins to be considered immediate members of the family, but my dad’s cousin, Laura, has always hovered on the periphery as an aunt or similar relative. I first met her during an Easter family gathering at my grandparents’ house. My dad always had good things to say about her, and when I moved to Washington state for college, she was one of my closest relatives.

Though Laura and I were in contact during my college years, she lived on the other side of the state and I only visited a couple times. I did visit with her son on a few occasions (he lived in my college town) and we’ve since met up when her family happens to be in Las Vegas at the same time I am. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve had to get together with Laura, her husband and her daughter, and I think we would have gotten along really well if we lived closer to each other.

I seem to have taken on the weird role of “updater of news” between Laura and the rest of my father’s family. When someone is ill or has a baby, I email and let her know, though I’m not nearly as good at keeping her updated as I should be. I know she used to exchange letters with my grandmother when she was still alive, and I’d love for Laura and I to start doing the same.

My letter to Laura is an update on what my husband and I are doing to wind down our summer, and details on an upcoming trip I have planned to visit my parents. I wrote it on a note card I’ve been saving for the right person. It’s simple and sweet with a strawberry on front, and it felt just perfect for Laura.

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