092512 Cory 225x300 Week #39: CoryI sort of cheated this week because even though I sent out well over a dozen letters via snail mail this past weekend, the letter I chose to write specifically for The 52 Letters Project didn’t go out in the mail. Instead, this letter is for my husband, Cory.

Thirteen years ago today, Cory and I decided that we were officially a couple, and we’ve been married for nearly nine years now. We spend such an incredible amount of time laughing and enjoying each other’s company, that it is not only difficult but downright impossible to imagine life without him. I made a card a long time ago that I’ve been holding onto, waiting for the perfect time to write a note for him, and our anniversary of becoming “us” seems to be that ideal occasion.

As strange as it may seem, I actually have written snail mail to Cory before. There were summers in college when we lived several states apart, and I wrote him letters at least once a week. But I’ve also been known to drop cards and notes addressed to him into our mailbox with a stamp on them, just have them returned a day or two later, cancelled and ready to be opened. I love the surprise that a piece of snail mail provides, even if it’s for someone that I spend (not nearly enough) waking hours with every day.

My note to Cory was a love letter, pure and simple. That’s all that needs to be said.

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