031512 Stationery 300x225 Stationery StashDuring the years when I had dozens of pen pals, I had an entire desk drawer full of stationery. I received most of it as gifts; after all, buying stationery for someone who likes to write letters makes sense. The problem is, it’s very easy to become inundated by stationery because it often comes in packs of ten, twenty or fifty sheets of paper or notecards, but a person only writes one letter at a time. When even a few people bestow the gift of stationery upon me, I’m suddenly set to write several hundred letters, but it can take a long time to do that.

When I’m getting ready to write a letter, I generally choose a piece of stationery that fits the personality of the recipient but is also appropriate for the length of letter I plan to write. What this means is that, at any one time, I’m only partway through half a dozen packs of stationery. It also means that I feel a little guilty when I happen upon a pack of notecards or super cute paper at the store that I’d like to buy. How can I possibly justify spending money on stationery when I already have more than enough to write on at home?

Because of my method of selecting the right piece of stationery for each individual person, it’s a rare day that I actually finish off a complete pack.

If you’re a letter writer, I’d love to know whether you work your way through a single pack of stationery exclusively before opening the next one, or if you also have your fingers in dozens of designs at the same time like I do.

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