080212 Brazil postcards 300x225 Postcards from BrazilI mentioned a couple weeks ago that I opened my mailbox to an awesome surprise—several postcards from an English language learning class in Curitiba, Brazil. Each student’s note was a little bit different, pointing out the things they like about their city, what they do in their professional lives and why they’re taking the class. I’m really glad their English teacher reached out to me about their interest in writing because I think this is an excellent way to practice the English language. Plus, writing and receiving snail mail is fun!

I wrote back to the class in Curitiba and sent them off this week, so hopefully they arrive next week. I bought everyone a different postcard, each highlighting the famous neon features of Las Vegas. I responded to each postcard individually and then I also wrote a letter to the class as a whole about my work, American culture and life in the United States.

It was fun learning about Curitiba through the postcards sent by these students, and I enjoyed sharing my love of letter writing with them. I would love to exchange more postcards like this with English-language learners around the world. What an awesome win-win snail mail situation!

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