111313 Left behind letters 300x225 Leaving Letters BehindBefore I leave for any trip, I put together my obligatory pack of letter writing gear, but if I’m gone longer than a few days, I also prep something else.

I always send postcards home to my husband (and myself), but before I leave, I often write letters that I leave behind. They aren’t so much letters as little pick-me-up notes, often to be opened in the middle of the week. I know there’s an element of surprise when I leave behind an envelope that says “Open on Wednesday” or “Keep sealed until the weekend.” On one particular trip, when I was gone for a couple of weeks, I left behind several short notes, one to be opened each day that I was gone.

Sometimes I write these notes on postcards or in note cards, but there are a few companies that make fun packs of cards that are perfect for these occasions. I recently stocked up on a bunch made by the company Recollections. I like to keep a handful of these kinds of cards on hand not only to leave behind when I travel but also to stick inside binders or school bags or on bathroom mirrors for the surprise pick-me-up that takes a day from good to great.

My mom used to leave these kinds of notes for me, and I remember them to this day. I’d find them in my lunch bag occasionally, or sometimes there’d be one propped up on the kitchen table when I got home from school. They always marked that really awesome moment in a day, and I like leaving the same behind for the people I love in my life.

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