101812 Greeting cards 300x225 How Do You Like Your Stationery Served?I received an email about a month ago from a photographer and budding entrepreneur named Rich who wants to sell his work in the form of greeting cards. With the idea of making this a legitimate business, he had contacted me to find out about my buying habits as someone who purchases stationery. He asked really good questions about my buying habits, including:

  • Was I more likely to buy stationery/greeting cards or make my own?
  • When I buy handmade cards like his, am I more likely to buy individual cards or packs of six, eight, ten, etc.?
  • Do I prefer cards that are all the same, or do I like variety in a single pack?

I guess I’d never really thought about my stationery buying habits before (besides the fact that I love to find great deals), but this is how I responded to his email:

I generally purchase greeting cards but only because I don’t have time to make my own. I wish I had time to make my own.

I actually prefer to buy one-off cards, not packs of them, if I’m buying custom-made cards, and I’m likely to pay no more than $3.50 for one. If you packaged them, I would suggest only four or six to a pack, and make them a similar theme but different from each other. Keep the inside blank; don’t write a message. Let the letter writer choose what to do with it.

It got me wondering about the buying habits of other snail mail lovers. Rich’s website is still a work in progress, but he did send me a few greeting cards for providing him with feedback, and they really are lovely. If you have any feedback regarding bundling, marketing and selling greeting cards from the buyer’s perspective for him, feel free to leave it here and I’ll pass it on to him.

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