021214 For our mail carrier 224x300 Thanking the Mail CarrierAmong the multitudes of random holidays is Thank a Mailman Day, which came and went on February 4th. I like to think of it as Thank a Mail Carrier Day, as we’ve had both men and women deliver our snail mail over the years.

I send a ridiculous amount of snail mail, and I’m always appreciative that our mail carrier collects my piles of letters and postcards, and makes sure I receive my snail mail six days a week (even if he/she has to deliver the mail after 5:00). The location of my home office affords me a front row seat as I anxiously wait for the mail to arrive, and I’m quick to take a break to retrieve whatever goodies have been left for me in our community mailbox.

021214 From the mail carrier 300x224 Thanking the Mail CarrierIn any case, I discovered it was Thank a Mail Carrier Day early on the 4th, and I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I wrote our mail carrier a thank you note and enclosed a $5.00 Starbucks gift card, then propped it up in our mailbox. When I picked up our mail on the 4th, our mail had been delivered but the thank you note was gone. On the 5th, I found a note propped up in front off our mail … a thank you note from our mail carrier!

As he wrote in his note to us, our gesture didn’t go unnoticed. Little things go a long way in making people feel appreciated and respected. If you haven’t thanked your mail carrier lately, I recommend you do so. It’s an awesome, feel good, win-win situation all around.