011512 Stamps 300x225 Thoughts on Letter Writing: Week #2My plan for The 52 Letters Project was to write one letter a week, but I have been in letter writing overload! This week I sent lots of thank you notes and a few longer letters, but I’ve actually been writing tons of postcards. I pick up fun postcards when I see them, and I enjoyed picking out certain cards for certain people this week. I’d be pretty content to shut off my computer and hunker down with stationery for an entire day if I could.

I received two letters late last week from close friends of mine, but this week I started collecting mail from my new mailbox, and it was like Christmas all over again! I heard from a friend of mine who is re-embracing handwritten letters again just like I am (thanks Amanda!) as well as someone from Canada who learned about my project from Matador Network. On the top of my list for next week: Settle down with a cup of coffee and stationery and pen some return letters.

Every day is a surprise again when I visit the mailbox. I love opening the box with that wide-eyed wonder that I used to have as a kid. Now that I’m riddled with credit card applications and bills, it’s such a welcome treat to receive handwritten mail!

Also, I wanted to share this little tidbit with you: It turns out that you can pay to receive mail from famous authors. I’m intrigued by the concept and might give it a go just to see what it’s like to receive mail from a project like this.

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