092312 Stationery 300x223 Thoughts on Letter Writing: Week #38At long last, I took a day to myself to create mail art and catch up on my letter writing! I love spending lazy weekends surrounded by piles of stationery, magazine scraps, markers and stamps. When I was writing this weekend, my cat insisted on laying on the lounge chair I was working on (we call it “the nest”), and when she jumped up and realized all the stuff with which she’d have to share space, she jumped right back down again.

I actually started my day by creating a bunch of stationery mail art pieces, which included the creation of three birthday cards and about a dozen other note cards that I can use as standard stationery. I love pulling magazine scraps out of my collapsible folder and seeing how things just fall together to create something new and interesting.

I had fun rereading all the letters that I’ve received in the last couple months. Though I read them all when they come in, taking the time to enjoy them again was like getting a whole new batch of snail mail! I alternated between responding to letters that have been waiting for my attention and writing postcards to friends and family that I haven’t touched base with in awhile. The final stack of mail—more than a dozen pieces of correspondence—went out to the mailbox, and two pieces need to visit the post office for extra TLC before they can be sent.

Spending some serious time catching up on letter writing really, truly rejuvenates me. I’m always thankful for the large chunks of free time where I can spread my creative wings and delve into my letter writing space.

How did you spend your weekend?

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