041912 USPS Mobile app USPS Mobile ApplicationI’m a late adopter when it comes to technology, but I’m also a big fan of the USPS Mobile app, which I downloaded to my iPhone a couple months ago. The main reason I downloaded it is because I’m always wondering how much it costs to send something somewhere. It seems like the price to mail something is constantly changing, and I can never keep track of how much postage I need to stick on envelopes or postcards, especially if they’re a weird shape.

The USPS Mobile app’s function for postage prices is by far the part of the app I use the most. At a USPS counter at the local gas station the other day, the clerk told me that it costs a different amount to send a letter to Canada as it does to Mexico, but I was pretty sure that postage to Canada and Mexico cost the same whereas mailing from the USA to the rest of the world cost more (I just didn’t know how much it cost). I pulled up the app and found out that I was, in fact, right, and that he’s been selling people more postage than necessary to send envelopes to Mexico.

Another example: Our foreign exchange student needed to figure out how much postage she needed to put on a square envelope being sent to Slovakia. A few taps of the app and we had our answer. Easy-peasey. I have a few types of mail that I send frequently, and I’ve saved these costs in the app so I don’t have to dig for them when I can’t remember how much postage something needs.

Though this is the feature I use most often, there are actually several functions on the app that others might find useful including an post office locator, a zip code search function and package scanning and tracking. All in all, a fairly helpful little tool for people who use the US Postal Service for more than just paying bills.

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