060712 Vintage National Parks 226x300 Vintage National Parks StationeryOver the past month, I’ve been in a few different national parks, and I’m noticing a trend toward vintage posters and postcards. In the gift shops, you can buy vintage posters, postcards and note cards, which are sold side-by-side with those featuring new images. Retro is cool right now, and I’m a big fan of the vintage look. I love the bold colors and almost animated images of some of the most iconic natural features in the country.

I’ve managed to restrain myself from buying anything at the parks, though I have discovered I can purchase the postcards and note cards online from a variety of websites.

As much as I like the stationery for sale in the shops and online, it’s not the real deal. Though I may snap up some of my favorite pieces someday, what I’d really like to do is dig around the local antique stores and see if I can find some unused cards and postcards featuring the national parks that are actually from way back in the day.

Once I start finding these cards, though, I wonder if I’ll be able to give them up. The more I browse through the images, the more I’m tempted to buy some of them simply for framing. This got me wondering: Do you own any stationery that you love so much you can’t part with it? What do you think of the vintage look?

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